4 Free Ways(Websites) to Identify a Font Easily

Written By Sam on 31 December 2009

There are many chances that you might have seen a font on a website and loves to use the same on your own website. But it is a bit difficult to get the name of the font. But there are couple of website that can hep you to identify a font. These websites help you with identifying a font by asking you some simple questions. By providing the details you can search or the required font and use it on your website or Blog. Here are 4 websites that will help you to identify a font – WhatTheFont from MyFonts, Identifont, Bowfin Printworks, TypeNavigator

Identify a Font With WhatTheFont

Identify a Font With WhatTheFont

If you have seen a font in use and want to know what it is, then you can use the service of WhatTheFont to identify the font. All you have to do is submit an image(upload or URL) to WhatTheFont and it will find the closest matches from the database. For best results submit fonts that “use characters that have a distinct shape in that font”, “the height of the letters should be about 100 pixels”, “the text should be as horizontal as possible” and “make sure the letters aren’t touching”. Sadly if you cannot find information about a font you can as well submit it in the WhatTheFont Forum.

Find Fonts by Appearance Using Identifont

Find Fonts by Appearance Using Identifont

Identifont helps you to identify the font which you want by asking a number of questions about the font. It helps in finding the font even if the image of the font is not available. The service claims to be the largest independent directory of typefaces on the internet, with information about fonts from 588 publishers and 158 vendors. The website asks you series of questions like “What type of tail does the upper-case ‘Q’ have?”, “What style is the ‘$’ (dollar)?”, “Does the upper-case ‘J’ descend below the baseline?”, “Is the ‘4’ open or closed?”, “Are the characters serif or sans-serif?”, “How high is the centre vertex of the upper-case ‘M’?”, “What shape is the upper-case ‘P’?” etc. The total number of questions depends on your answers.

Font identification With Bowfin Printworks

Font identification With Bowfin Printworks

This site offers multiple online guides and to help you in finding your Font. By answering some questions on the shape and glyphs of the font you can easily identify the font. This is similar to Identifont but seems to be quicker to input all the data as its all available in one page. Bowfin Printworks also includes guides for Script Fonts, Bauhaus-style fonts, Sans Serif and Serif Fonts and Lined Fonts. Through a free email all your questions will be answered for any font ID questions.

TypeNavigator – Interactive Visual Font Search

TypeNavigator -Interactive Visual Font Search

TypeNavigator is the first interactive visual font search system. If you just remember the font you can easily identify it by choosing different options. To identify a site all you have to do is just select from the forms present in the site. Once you have picked a form more attributes will appear. So just by choosing the characteristics you can find the font you are looking for.

If you have got any other websites or apps that help us in identifying a font then do let us know about them through the comment section.

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