The first Google Android based e-book – Alex

Written By Sam on 23 October 2009

Alex is the first e-book based on Google Android. This new e-book features the Duet Navigator, the complete browser potentialities and original dual screen interaction technology. Alex invigorates text with multimedia links which adds a new dimension and makes reading experience very lively and potentially producing a whole new industry for subaltern publications that improve the original text.

Alex’s duple-screen display model bonds the efficiency of reading on a monochrome EPD screen when the third party input and dynamical hyperlinked multimedia information can be seen on its secondary color LCD screen. Really it is an incorporated Android mobile device that offers a rich world of Internet content to endorse the content on the primary screen. Alex offers complete Web browsing through Wi-Fi or phone networks such as 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM.


Alex with its multi-access capacity and dual screen, it also offers the whole internet world in your hand; it is a handy library with all advance features, vast information and also clarify all your doubts whenever and wherever they need it. Alex provides efficiency of an EPD display with greater reactivity, richness in content and is good in LCD screen navigation convenience. Alex, the Google Android-based e-book is greatly useful for all professional, informative and entertainment markets. The readers really experience different enjoyments with images, videos and notes inserted as ‘Web grabs’ takes you to the content written by other secondary authors. Users can even create their own images, contents and comments and also can capture them to improve the richness of the original text. Alex’s also offers innovative multimedia writing tool to augment multimedia publishing in a better way.

Alex has a 3.5″ color LCD display and 6″ E-Ink EPD display, earphones and speakers. An alterable SD card will free up the library space for users to file away the content for future reference. The improved Android OS is optimized to endorse desegregation between the color and monochrome displays which helps to preserve the battery life. You can also capture and cache web content from internet on the LCD screen, and there is an on-off switch to view the content on the EPD screen without exhausting the battery life. The device also comes with browser features such as history, bookmarking, and security settings. Spring Design is presently in discussion and has plans to release the Alex device for selected strategic partners by this year end.

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