Texas Instruments Introduces ‘Smallest’ Wireless Power Receiver Chip in a 1.9-mm x 3-mm WCSP Package

Written By Sam on 19 April 2011

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced its smallest wireless power receiver chip, which it claims is 80-percent smaller than its previous receiver chip. The bq51013 receiver is expected to come in handy for designers to implement wireless charging in new designs for compact consumer devices, including smartphones, cameras, gaming systems as well as medical and industrial equipment.

What gives the new chip an edge if its integrated circuit (IC) that combines voltage conditioning as well full wireless power control in a 1.9-mm x 3-mm WCSP package. The new circuit also supports up to 5 W of output power  claims it provides up to 93-per cent efficient AC/DC power conversion.

Here are the key features, as suggested by the company’s official release: 

  • “Highly integrated and efficient wireless power receiver IC includes full-bridge synchronous rectification, voltage conditioning and wireless power control in a single device.
  • 1.9-mm x 3-mm WCSP package allows for easy integration with minimal size impact. Device area is 80 percent less than TI’s first-generation receiver.
  • The receiver and its associated bq500110 transmitter IC are Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi-compliant. This compliance ensures interoperability between various charging pads and portable devices.
  • Built-in protection against voltage, current and temperature fault conditions, assures safe and reliable system operation.
  • 93-percent peak efficiency reduces thermal rise inside the system while allowing charge rates comparable to an AC adapter.”

The chip is priced at $3.50 in quantities of 1,000.

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