Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Earbuds With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Written By Sam on 10 January 2010

If you are a music buff then you will definitely love the Sony’s latest Noise Canceling Earbuds. Model numbered MDR-NC300D, the Noise Canceling Earbuds from Sony will reduce up to 98.4% of ambient noise to deliver a pristine audio experience. Sony Noise Canceling Earbuds are still not available in the market and would be coming soon with a price tag of $299.99.

Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Earbuds With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Sony MDR-NC300D earbud style noise canceling headphones produce incredible noise reduction and you can enjoy studio-quality sound from the 16mm driver units. Depending on your listening needs, you can choose from Movie, Bass or Normal modes. There are also some additional features which include a gold-plated, L type stereo mini plug, carrying case, in-flight plug adapter, cord adjuster and seven ear cushion sizes.

Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Earbuds uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically select the optimal noise canceling mode based on intelligent analysis of environmental ambient noise. It comes with vertical in-ear style housing and accompanies with seven ear pad sizes for secure and personalized fit. There is an easy-to-reach volume and built-in monitor function on the controller which allows you to hear surrounding sound without taking off the headphones. But one negative point is that the controller is very big.

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