Samsung Gloria 10-inch Tablet on Windows 7 Will Debut by March-April 2011

Written By Sam on 14 December 2010

The Samsung Galaxy Tab had several innovative features rivaling the iPad. The company is in no mood to rest on the positive response its first tablet has received. The company is working hard, trying to come up with better a offering in the form of its upcoming Samsung Gloria 10-inch Tablet running on Windows 7. It is expected to be released by March-April 2011.

This tablet from Samsung will have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and is targeted to be the first serious development on the Windows 7 platform. There were earlier releases in the form of the Samsung Q1 and the touchscreen Samsung Q1U but these did not attain mass popularity.

The Gloria will sport a large 10-inch touchscreen with a customized UI developed in-house for a distinctive style and appearance. The new tablet is expected to be a much more refined and advanced than the Galaxy tab, which itself is a sophisticated device.

Samsung lovers would definitely be anticipating its release scheduled for March-April 2011.

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