Polaroid Collaborates with Lady Gaga to Announce Grey Label; 3 New Products Unveiled

Written By Sam on 13 January 2011

Lady GaGa is a pop idol and a trendsetter for the next generation, often making outrageous fashion statements, one of them being the LCD glasses she used to wear in the early parts of her career. These Grey Label GL20 LCD sunglasses will now be available for all people.

The glasses were from Polaroid, a company known for its instant photography products, which it followed up with introduction of flat panel TVs, portable DVD players, digital photo frames and digital HD camcorders along with waterproof digital cameras.

The glasses are now being introduced by Lady GaGa, in collaboration with Polaroid, apparently to give her fans an opportunity to enhance their concert experience; and fans are expected to lap them up when released later this year.

The Lady GaGa GL20 camera sunglasses have an in-built LCD to display pictures along with a camera to take photos as well as video, which can be transmitted through Bluetooth or connected to a computer through a USB port. There are no specific details on the device or pricing. These glasses are said to merge fashion with photography in a single product. Users can capture or upload photos through this device and also display them on the LCD screen. By itself, it is a fashion accessory Lady GaGa fans would love.

For the uninitiated, Lady GaGa also happens to be the creative director at Polaroid and has co-designed an original line of products. In related news, in addition to the Lady GaGa GL20 Camera Glasses, the company also unveiled its GL30 instant digital camera and the GL10 instant mobile printer.

The GL10 printer was showcased at CES and is an embedded dye crystal ZINK (Zero Ink Technology from ZINK Imaging) based printer. It uses crystals instead of liquids and these crystals are embedded in the patented ZINK paper and heat is used to activate and colorize these crystals, resulting in prints that rival that of photo labs. What is more, the prints are water resistant and smudge proof. This printer will be available in May for $149.99 MSRP. ZINK 3×4″ Paper will be available in the same month, we don’t know at what price though.

The GL30 Instant digital Camera incorporates Polaroid technology, fusing the instant photo printer, digital display and camera to deliver instant printouts. The GL 30 is designed to be durable and has options for truly creative outputs. This camera will be available later this year.

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