Permanent PS3 Jailbreak Demonstrated; Promises Users Total Control Over Their Console

Written By Sam on 5 January 2011

Looks like there’s a way to crack the PlayStation 3’s loader. And a team of developers (read hackers) recently showed us how at the recent Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. Yes, hacking is no longer the covert activity it used to be and developers seem more than happy flaunting workarounds. This PS3 hack is reportedly aimed at giving users total control over their console. While this is sure to cause distress among Sony’s security experts, some buyers who believe they should have complete control over the hardware they have purchased are pleased with the development.

What the hackers have done is that they have bypassed Sony’s PS3 security systems, allowing users to sign their own code. Simply put, Sony’s latest version 3.55 firmware is now vulnerable. And reports suggest it may be difficult for the company to repair the damage. So, will there be a firmware upgrade? Will Sony fix it soon? Meanwhile, the team of hackers who demonstrated this workaround have revealed they have more tricks up their sleeves. It is likely that they will release the tools to leverage the PS3 crack within a month.

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