Luxeed U5 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard Allows Customized Layouts, Can be Illuminated

Written By Sam on 21 December 2010

Here’s a new hardware that is being talked about lately – the Luxeed U5 Dynamic Pixel LED keyboard. It comes with an option to create customized layouts and an illuminated keyboard. First, a quick look at the features:
Main features of Luxeed U5 keyboard:

  • Customizable keyboard illumination facility
  • Change the color of each key, turn it on or off
  • Create customized layouts with 4 preset buttons and instantly switch between them
  • Animated rainbow effect can be obtained or an animated random color effect
  • Spark mode where keys are illuminated only when pressed
  • USB connection
  • No software required
  • Dimensions 15 x 7.5 x 1″.

Agreed, it’s not a new idea. The concept is old but there seems to be an effort to present it in a refreshing way with an array of 430 LEDs that lets users of this keyboard customize the colors of each key and light them up. What this is means is that you can create a kaleidoscope of colors across the keys or simply illuminate a key when pressed. There are four preset buttons above the arrow keys which can be used to select customizable lighting skin presets.
You can set up a glowing skin with different colors defined for each key action or you can create different patterns and designs in various colors. 
Luxeed keyboard is available in black and white. The keys are semitransparent in the white keyboard and are more brightly lit than those of the black keyboard. The black may look more stylish of the two, with only the letters illuminated; but it eventually boils down to personal taste and preference. If you feel an illuminated keyboard would be a distraction, this hardware isn’t for you.  However, this one should come in handy for use in dim or poor light settings.
The vibrant Luxeed keyboard does not require a specific driver and works with all operating systems. All such settings are stored in the hardware of the keyboard, so you can use it with your laptop as well as your desktop without having to reconfigure settings.

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