LG In Plane Switching Technology (IPS) Puts an Insight to Buy the Best LCD TV

Written By Sam on 20 September 2010

LG’s IPS – In Plane Switching technology insights helps you select the best LCD display from the lot available in the market. Thanks to LG for providing several useful perceptions that allows you to select ultimate display of your taste at an ease. For those unaware of IPS (In Plane Switching) technology, it is one of the most leading LCD technologies mainly owned by LG that informatively aligns liquid crystal horizontally to increase the viewing angle and changes the LCD transmittance. Breaking through the LCD technologies, LG’s IPS technology provides necessary basics that lets you make a first-rate choice and in this article we listed these insights for you.

LCD TVs are thin and sleek TVs that can be mounted either on the wall or on the table based upon their build type. LG’s ISP says that the LCD displays must not be placed near the fireplace and whilst placing them on the table, ensure that the table is little more than the dimensions of the display screen. Maintaining a minimum distance of 2 to 5 feet for 20-27 inch screen size, 6 to 8 feet for 32 – 37 inch displays, 10 to 14 feet and 16 feet for 50 inch display is always preferable.

The LCD flat panel sets implement fixed number of pixels and most of the LCD TVs 23-inches and up in screen size offer at least a 1280×720 (720p) or 1366×768 (768p) native pixel resolution, so whilst opting to purchase a IPS Panel LCD television look forward for these specifications. Also be cautious about the Motion Response Time (ms= Milliseconds) which determines the capabilities of LCD TV to show fast moving images especially in games. Usually preferred MRT rates are 6 ms, 8 ms or 12 ms to avoid blur images. Check for the Contrast ratio numbers, generally Native, Static, or ANSI contrast, not Dynamic or Full On/Full Off contrast are the most preferred settings. The best LCD display will feature a brightness rating listed 550 cd/m2 or higher in order to provide better visual inspection.

Niche LCD displays with IPS Panel have finest viewing angles, so while choosing an LCD display view the image from the sides, 160 Degrees, or about 80 degrees from the center viewing spot as well as from the prime viewing area. These are various criterion you have to focus on whilst purchasing an LCD and always prefer an LCD display with IPS panel as they come embedded with many high definition attributes!

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