LaCie Tank: A Rugged Case For Portable Gadgets

Written By Sam on 27 December 2010

The Tank, LaCie’s latest announcement, is an irrepressible new case to carry hardware like hard drives and protect them against destructive situations. The Tank’s designer is Neil Poulton. It is easy to carry and access in a suitcase and a 2.5-inch HDD fits in it perfectly.

The Tank has a robust, rough and tough exterior which is dust and rainproof apart from bring shock –resistant. Built out of rubber and polypropylene the rugged shell fits securely around the device it carries. Manufactured in Italy the Tank is tested as per military grade drop needs, thus guarantees protection for your data stored on any HDD.

Additional benefits like padded customized interiors to hold any shape and size of the device you keep in it and so providing for the perfect cushion in case of any hazardous situation. It makes a simple but safe and versatile way to protect your digital data carrying devices.

The LaCie Tank is an effective protecting gear for your data and its features include:

  • It is IP-63 certified and protects against dust and rain
  • The Tank has military grade shock and drop resistance capabilities
  • It has an inner lining of foam that adjusts as per the need of the device
  • It can carry 2.5-inch HDD, Digital Camera, Nintendo DSTM lite or DSi

The tank is presently available at the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Corner, and LaCie reseller.

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