Jolibook, the Jolicloud Netbook Releasing This Month; To be Powered by Jolicloud 1.1

Written By Sam on 12 November 2010

Jolicloud is a cloud-based computer operating system focused on maximizing the interaction experience of users with their friends. It was built specially for netbook users who are big on social networking. The cloud-computing player has now announced that it will be launching its first netbook called Jolibook, which will be powered by Jolicloud 1.1 succeeding the Jolicloud 1.0 operating system it currently provides. It will be based on the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with support till April 2013 and in the future Ubuntu 10.10 patches will also be added to Jolicloud 1.1.

Though the developers have given no formal indications of prices, specifications or the number of pieces they plan to sell of the netbook, there are a few details that have been divulged nevertheless.

  • It will come pre-loaded with features to keep users entertained and connected like Chromium, Facebook, VLS, Skype, Spotify and other such applications.
  • Will run on the dual core Atom N550 processor.
  • A Linux kernel in the notebook will enable faster booting, suspension and resumption functionalities.
  • Drivers and modules will not have to be manually installed as they will come pre-installed for video and sound cards, wi-fi cards, and webcams. There will also be support provided for hardware comments of Nvidia, Poulsbo and Broadcom.
  • The hard drive will have a 250 GB capacity, multiple USB ports and a VGA port.
  • Based on HTML5, it will also be able to play 720p videos.

The above-mentioned features sound good and it will be interesting to see the netbook when it finally comes out along with complete specifications and prices.

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