10 Reasons to Dump an iPad for a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Written By Sam on 24 November 2010

People, especially those who believe in an Apple every waking moment of their lives to keep their sanity intact, might consider dumping Apple devices as downright blasphemy. The new kid on the block, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, may just prove to be the nemesis of the iPad. Here are 10 good reasons why you might consider ogling the new Galaxy Tab. The Apple is a sleek mean leopard while the Galaxy Tab is a fat cat tabby but when it comes to features, the Galaxy Tabby wins out.

  1. At 7.48 inches by 4.74 inches the Galaxy Tab is half the iPad size at 9.56×7.47 inches. Makes it easier to hold, handle and carry around in your jacket pocket or in a hand bag.
  2. In the weight arena the Galaxy soundly trounces the iPad, weighing in at 13.4 oz against the iPad’s 25.6 oz. Carry it around in your palm and the weight tells.
  3. Expandable Storage capacity: Why and for what reason it is not known but Apple did not provide a slot for flash memory on their iPad’s, severely restricting memory expansion. The Galaxy has an easily accessible, located at the side of the device with a small cover, microSD slot that will accept 32GB cards.
  4. Choice of 3G carriers: Apple has severe restrictions in place when it is a matter of wireless carriers with no support for CDMA or EVDO, requiring an additional MiFi component to connect to Verizon’s 3G network. However the Galaxy Tab is slated to be available through all major wireless carriers with inbuilt 3G capabilities and you have your choice
  5. The Galaxy Tab comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 against the Bluetooth 2.1 installed in iPad, facilitation transfer rates up to 24 megabits per second against the crawling 3 Mbps/sec of Bluetooth 2.1.
  6. The Galaxy has not one but two cameras(3.2MP rear and 1.3 MP front) whereas the iPad has none (!), making for former ideal for video conferencing. This is one feature that, one can almost be sure, will feature in the next-gen iPad.
  7. The iPad cannot display Flash whereas the Galaxy Tab has Flash Player.
  8. The iPad is too big for thumb typing while the Tab is equipped with Swype where you simply slide fingers from key to key. This takes some getting used to but will work out fine. Fast texting is possible!
  9. Battery life for the iPad is exceptional allowing 10 hours usage and ahead of the Galaxy Tab but then one has to compromise a little bit. The Tab offers 7 hours video playback but lags behind the iPad. But then it can be charged from the computer’s USB port.
  10. Freedom from being tied to a company and its apps. Galaxy offers this in abundant measure through its Android Market.

It is still easier to unlock the Tab (called rooting) than the iPad jailbreaks. Future offerings may have customized ROMs. However, all in all, the Tab is likely to be the new sweetheart for a lot of people. This is something we have no difficulty in envisaging. That said, we hear rumors on the iPad 2 every day. When Apple does release it, it will be worth seeing what it will come packed with.

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