iPad Users Get OS 4.x Update For Free But Have To Pay For OS 5.x

Written By Sam on 31 March 2010

Apple already released the iPad OS 3.2 SDK, which is essential for the developers to create applications for the Apple’s most hyped iPad. Apple recently announced an end-user licensing agreement stating future OS upgrades for iPad (which merely indicates that an update will be soon available for iPad OS software) and according to the Apple agreements, these updates will be released subsequently until the next iPad OS software is released.

Along with the iPad licensing agreement, Apple also released the iPad 3.2 Firmware. The iPad licensing software provides users with usual legal documentation, Google Maps and YouTube video along with subsequent updates for the iPad OS. Initially, the originally shipped iPad OS can be updated to latest version though these updates and may not necessarily include all the software features that Apple includes in its upcoming iPad models. Though the initial upgradations (iPad OS v4.0) is available for free to all the iPad users, sadly, further updates of iPad (iPad OS v5.0) will be charged.

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