iPad 2 is Coming in Less than 100 Days

Written By Sam on 15 December 2010

In about 100 days from now, Apple’s second-generation iPad will begin shipping to the nearest Apple store. According to recent reports, the initial February shipment will contain anything between 400,000 and 600,000 devices from apples iPad manufacturer Foxconn.

As per a few unconfirmed reports, the mass production initially slated for January 2011 was pushed back a month to provide for some extra time for the devices testing by Apple’s team.

The highly publicized defect in the iPhone4, now known as the Antennagate, prompted Apple to test all new products a lot more rigorously than before. The reason cited for the delay is the iPad2’s firmware.

Some reports also say that the iPad will have a front facing FaceTime camera, a Gyroscope and a Retina display. Apple is probably doing this to stay in touch with the current generation of Apple products.

Apple usually comes out with their iPhone update announcement around June every year and iPod announcements in September. Henceforth January could very well become the iPad keynote month.

Other reports say that Apple’s upcoming iPhone5 and iPad2 baseband chips would be procured form Qualcomm. This space will continue to provide Apple updates.

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