Apple’s iOS 4.2 Has Arrived; What’s New? What Do you Get?

Written By Sam on 24 November 2010

When Apple introduced iOS 4.0 and 4.1 it seemed that the company was in a hurry to match the competition and keep its head above the waters. Apple seems to be seriously committed to this OS and to fixing bugs it notices. Lo and behold! The new iOS 4.2 available for download from Apple. All you have to do is click for updates from your device to download and install it. Apple has taken its time to making this version as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible, trying to fulfill the wish list to the max. Though this is not a totally revamped iOS built from the ground up, there are significant developments. Apple seems bent on pampering its users with more and better and nudging them into the Wi-Fi zone as most popular AirPrint and AirPlay rely on this.

What is New in iOS 4.2 to all iDevices

  • One very useful and surely-to-be welcomed feature is the free downloadable Find my Phone app for all iOS based units with iOS 4.2 installed. This enables you to track and locate your device on a map, lock it remotely and erase all data from it for security and privacy.
  • AirPlay is another offering to enhance iOS 4.2 based units to stream video as well as audio over a wireless connection to AirPlay enabled speakers, Apple TV and receivers. This is a significant enhancement over the previous Airport Express which could not handle video. Such AirPlay enabled speakers from third party developers can also be used since Apple will be making the technology available to those manufacturers.
  • Notes With Fonts is yet another utility which is new and a welcome addition to design conscious since this permits a user to change the font to Helvetica or Chalkboard from the single existing Marker Felt.
  • AirPrint. With this as an integral part of iOS 4.2 users of any of the 3 devices can print any document, image or webpages directly to an AirPrint compatible or enabled printer.
  • New Dock Controls. Be a maestro, double tap the home button and open up applications on the iPad in a tray, swipe left to open up the control panel which is now enhanced and includes brightness control, dimmer, volume adjustments and selector for Airplay output.
  • Find Text on Web Pages. While working in mobile Safari use the search field at the top next to the address bar to search for text in the page being viewed. Homes you in straight to the text you are looking for.

Each i-device also has some specific apps available in the newly released update.

For iPad Users: They will surely welcome the Folders option made available through this update as also multitasking feature. Multitasking will permit you to switch between apps and resume from where you paused, play music in the background, upload/download in the background and be notified through local push notification. That is not all. A Game Center tracks your performance levels on game-center enabled games. If you happen to have an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad such achievements will show up in both devices. And to make life easier for all the messaging fans there is a unified inbox and threaded messaging enhancement, a simply welcome addition to the iPad’s Mail app as it is for the iPhone version.

For iPhone users: 17 new alert options for text messaging, facility to assign individual tones for peoples listed in Contacts are what you get in the new Message Customization feature specifically for this device.

The iOS4.2 brings a new feature to the iPad such as the facility to rent TV episodes using iTunes App.

This upgrade also offers support for more than 25 additional languages including Portuguese, traditional Chinese and Korean languages. All in all, a thoroughly welcome upgrade.

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