HP Unveils Digital Cameras and Camcorders Featuring Touch Technology, Intuitive UI and Powerful Optical Zoom

Written By Sam on 23 February 2010

Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world’s largest technology company has unleashed five point-and-shoot digital cameras along with three camcorders, certainly a delight to users who aspire to own cameras/camcorders possessing stylish designs, fashionable colors and embedded with great features such as Touch Technology, Intuitive user interface and powerful optical zoom. This article lists the features of the newly unveiled Gizmo’s of HP at a sneak peak.

The latest point-and-shoot cameras from HP include CW450, CW450t, SW450, PW460t and PW550z. All these cameras are of 12 mega pixels and amongst these, HP CW series are designed to meet the entry-level requirements of the users whilst HP CW450t or PW460t are especially designed for those who intend to have premium experience of touch interface.

The HP CW450, point-and-shoot camera is the non-touch version HP CW450t and features impressive features like 2.7-inch LCD display with 4X optical zoom and coming in sleek lightweight design, it is an ideally suitable for amateur photographers. The price of HP CW450 is expected to be $99 and it will be available in black or red colors. HP PW460t and HP CW450t features LCD-touchscreen display using which you can not only flip, scroll through images but also zoom in and out just by touching the screen by your fingers. PW460t will have a 3-inch display with 4x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom wherein the HP CW450t will have a 2.7-inch display with a 4x optical zoom.

The HP SW450 is a tiny ultra thin camera with less than 3/4th of an inch thick and around .25 pounds, designed aiming casual outdoor photographers as it facilitates best panoramic shots. With a lithium-ion battery, the HP SW450 point-and-shoot digital camera features a 2.7-inch LCD display along with a 4X optical zoom and will be available in turquoise or red colors pricing around $129. HP PW550z features a wide-angle lens along with a 2.7-inch LCD display, a 5X optical zoom and a lithium-ion battery. PW550z will be available in black or plum colors at a price of $149.

These five cameras will also include a magnitude of 25 scene modes such as Party, Portrait, Snow, Sunset, and Night modes along with the various embedded features. Along with these five point-and-shoot cameras, HP also unveiled two touchscreen digital camcorders – the HP V5061u and HP V5560u. HP camcorders will feature an impressively large LCD touchscreen display and support for 1,080 high-definition (HD) recording along with automatic motion-detection capabilities. Featuring Lithium-ion battery, HP V5560u comes with 5X optical zoom and will be priced around $199 whereas the HP V5061u features a dual SD/SDHC memory card and allows users to install AA batteries in case the lithium-ion battery is not charged.

Unique and Stylish HP cameras and camcorders are expected to hit the market in this spring.

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