Boxee Beta Finally Available For Apple TV With Re-Designed Home Screen

Written By Sam on 26 February 2010

You can now turn your shimmery Apple TV into an amazing useful Internet video device using the Boxee application. Yeah you heard it right! The Beta version of Boxee, a great social media player with net connectivity is now able for your Apple TV‘s. The Boxee beta not only allows you to view and play videos from all over the web and file-sharing networks but also allows you to stream content from sites like, Pandora, and Netflix.

Boxee beta for Apple TV includes many enhancements to enthrall the Apple users. Users of Boxee beta will view a re-designed Home Screen along with a Global Menu that makes access to helpful resources( Feed, Queue, History), Main menu and shortcuts much easier. This beta version provides an interesting option called the “Movie Library” that enables you to browse through a ton of popular movies from the Internet. You can even Queue-up, control and manage your favorite movies, TV shows using the “Boxee Queue” option. The Boxee Queue option automatically updates new episodes of the TV shows previously added to your Queue list and sharing videos to your social networking site is made simpler through this Boxee Beta.

In order to download the Boxee Beta application you need to register at the Boxee website and download the relevant version during the registration process, however if you already have Boxee installed, then you can simply update Launcher and then update Boxee to the latest version.

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