AT&T’s Galaxy Tab To Hit the Market on Nov 21; Price may Prove to be Deterrent

Written By Sam on 17 November 2010

It has finally been announced. The AT&T Galaxy Tab will be available for purchase from November 21 onwards. AT&T is the last carrier to join the others in releasing the Samsung tablet and it has the highest price to offer as well.

Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have already made the announcements in this regard of which T-Mobile’s device is now available in the market with Sprint and Verizon devices following soon in the coming days. But the pricing might be a bit hard to digest for the expectant buyer. AT&T is offering the device contract free for $649.99, but the carrier subsidy also gets killed here as against Verizon who is the next highest charger at $599 without a contract and Sprint and T-Mobile who are offering the device at $399 with a 2 year service contract. All the devices released so far by the network carriers have the 3G connectivity capability.

AT&T has 2 Pay-As-You-Go Plans to offer its buyers:

  • The first is a $14.99 plan for 30 days with a usage limit of 250MB.
  • The second is a $25 plan for 30 days with a usage limit of 2 GB.

These plans are the same as those being offered to the smartphone users of AT&T and there is nothing new that AT&T has put to offer.

The only thing that might give buyers a little incentive is the $50 Media Hub Movie Rental credit that will come with every Galaxy Tab purchased.

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