AR Pursuit from Parrot for iOS-controlled Quadricopters; To be Available End of This Month

Written By Sam on 23 November 2010

Tom and Jerry epitomize the cat and mouse game down the ages. Now, Parrot seeks to be the first to redefine it by being the first to release the augmented reality (AR) version of a cat and mouse game of another level, titled AR Pursuit, to be available end of this month. Parrot is known for its September release of AR Drone Quadricopter.

As the title suggests, AR Pursuit is a pursuit game to be played by two players, and takes advantage of the flight capabilities of the AR Drone. One player escapes and the other pursues; and both engage in an augmented reality game.

The pursuer is armed with a host of virtual armoury including machine guns and missiles to cripple or exterminate the target he is pursuing. In a twist to the game, if the pursued is hit by a missile, he turns into a pursuer and the other way around and so it continues. There is a time limitation to the game and roles are reversed at half time. It is the player who manages to elude for the longest time who emerges the winner. Each player switches on the Bluetooth and connects in Wi-Fi mode to his AR Drone.

The AR Drone device, available in orange with options of green, blur or yellow accents, is powered by rechargeable batteries and one charge powers it for about 12 minutes. It comes with a set of swappable batteries. This iDevice creates its own Wi-Fi network to connect with and control the Quadricopter. Two hulls are provided for indoor and outdoor use with the rotors having protective loops.

This promises to be a seriously engrossing and entertaining device and at a price of $300, one does not expect anything less. Only the game version is quite cheaper at around $2.99 and is scheduled to be in App Stores by the end of this month.

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