Apple Expected to Pump Revolutionary Features into iPad 2; Likely to be Inspired by MacBook Air, iPod Touch

Written By Sam on 1 November 2010

Reports are flowing fast and thick on the speculated iPad 2. The second generation iPad is already becoming one of the most anticipated and sought after devices even when there is actually no official confirmation on the device. There is no denying, the original iPad was a definite trendsetter when it was launched last August and enjoyed a solo run for a long time, but suddenly there are a number of developers making themselves a part of this league. No wonder then that Apple will look to pump some impressive and revolutionary features into its iPad 2 to really set it apart from its competitors as well as steal a notch higher from its own predecessor.

Here’s a list of features that we most expect Apple to incorporate into iPad 2.

Facetime – Be sure to find front and back cameras in the new iPad. Even though we hear nothing of contracts between Apple and OmniVision, it is imperative that with the new FaceTime Application doing so well in the other iDevices, iPad is sure to be another platform to expand its reach. It will be a key differentiator compared to competing devises and will pull a lot of consumer crowd that do not own another Apple device that uses this technology.

Ports – Apple has been known to be a minimalist in terms of the slots, knobs and buttons that it features on its devices. Still some foresee a mini USB being included in iPad 2, while others expect there to be 2 dock connectors, giving you the option of landscape or portrait view. The 2 docks will definitely add to the utility factor.

The case – The physical design of iPad 2 is expected to have some upgrades though not very dramatic ones. It will definitely take a cue from the MacBook Air and iPod Touch and we can look forward to a sleeker and lighter device.

Power – There might be an enhanced speed upgrade with a 1.5GHz version and a 512 MB RAM so that the iPad 2 comes up to the level of the iPhone 4. Speed and performance will be the center points of focus especially since the device will be pitted against the likes of BlackBerry and other competitors, giving it an advantage in this regard.

Storage – Another vital factor, as users will definitely be looking for higher storage options as they like to have images and video files with them on the go. A 128GB option is expected in the new iPad 2.

Mobile screen – Apple stands tall when it comes to display quality and it will make this a big factor during iPad 2 sales. With Retina Display technology coming to the iPod Touch, it is highly anticipated for iPad 2 as well. The higher resolution screens in the new MacBook Air also indicate that display quality lies high up in Apple’s priority list.

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