Android Powered ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet Comes With New Features

Written By Sam on 18 September 2009

Wow it is wonderful to hear that Android-powered Archos 5 Internet Tablet is available in the gadget market. Archos released its brand new Android-based mini-tablet information which holds many attractive features in it. It has just about three times the display screen when compared with Zune/iPod screens. It is almost an inch larger. This fantastic device has got 8, 16, and 32GB sizes and also has massive laptop hard drive model which has the capacity to store data up to 500GB. The HDD option is the only thing which adds about 100 grams weight to the device.


Archos comes with in-built GPS and this adds up an advantage with mapping apps sold by the Android store. They show 3D mapping feature also. The device also supports HD video, WMV and MPEG-4 formats. There is also a micro SD card slot to increase the capacity of Archos media tablet. The SDHC compatible slot takes up to 32GB card sizes. The device also comes with FM receiver and transmitter which can also be broadcasted on your car’s stereo.

There are many applications that come with this device which includes Webbrowser, Email, Contacts, DroidIn, ThinkFree Mobile, Ebuddy IM, Pages jaunes(France), Twidroid, Dailymotion, QuickPedia, Deezer, Moov, CraigsPhone, High Paying Jobs(US & Canada), Alarm clock and Calculator. Archos also has a built-in TV 640×480 DVR for your convenience. This incredible device will be a good competitor for Zune and iPod.

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