3D Fusion Focuses on 3D TV Displays Without Glasses; Seeking Investors and Partners to Fund Program

Written By Sam on 22 November 2010

Displays in TV have now reached the limits and what we now see is offerings of HD and LED panels. 3D is the next experience. Although 3D has been on the scene for some time now but has not proved practical or feasible from a user or a commercial point of view. Sufficient content has also not been developed due to these limitations. Technology still evolves in this field. Almost all major TV manufacturers offer at least one 3D TV model but so far success is limited.

All this promises to change with 3D TV now claimed to be a practical commercial and user friendly reality from 3D Fusion. 3D Fusion now offer 3D without the discomfort of wearing glasses — a user roadblock to the 3D-viewing experience since long.

Stephen Blumental, president of 3D Fusion states that this has been brought about by integrating Math algorithms with the classical 3D optical left/right stereo pairs, enabling adjustment of the depth element in the image similar to controls for adjustment of brightness and contrast in TVs. Since the stereoscopic effect can be adjusted to user’s preference, and that too without the inconvenience of glasses or viewing angles, it is expected to gain widespread popularity. The company claims to have charted out a new course in mastering, optimizing and interacting the 3D video signal, which makes possible 3D viewing without glasses, thus removing a major roadblock to the success of this technology. What is remarkable is that from a flat panel display the 3D image can be viewed from any angle, just like 2D TV. If this becomes a reality then TV viewers are in for a rich visual experience in the coming years.

Everyone likes 3D but very few would like to put on glasses each and every time they have to watch a 3D presentation. 3D Fusion frees the users of this impediment.

3D Fusion may succeed in its efforts to make this ambition of bringing 3D reality to every TV viewer if it finds investors to back up its program. The company is looking for investors and strategic partners to fund this program and make the technology available for the vertical markets. If past investments in 3D and the interest in this technology are anything to go by it would not be too difficult for them to find such support.

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