Panasonic Announces 5 Toughbooks in India – CF-S9, CF-F9, CF-C1, CF-19 and CF-31

Written By Sam on 20 September 2010

Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific, worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products has recently introduced five new laptops namely CF-S9, CF-F9, CF-C1, CF-19, CF-31, which based on Intel Core i5 vPro processor are as hard-as-nails. With Strong body, rugged built, these laptops provide highly reliable performance along with a very durable and lowest downtime in the industry.

Running on Windows 7 Professional, Panasonic CF-19 and CF-31 offers a faster and secure remote connection capabilities. These tough laptops can also be downgraded to Windows XP if required. Equipped with Turbo Boost Technology and shock mounted flex, these devices enable you to connect hard drive with quick release. Whilst the CF-S9, and CF-F9, CF-C1 toughbooks are specially designed for Business executives which are easy to carry and can withstand drops from a height of up to 76cms (switched on, on to under side of notebook) or 30cm (switched off) from 26 different angles. Powered by ultralight, these laptops run for up to 11 hours on a single charge, which is pretty cool!

The water-protected keyboards and touchpads make these toughpads stand out of the other crew. Designed aiming the military and professionals involved in field word, a typical Toughbook can resist pressure load of 100 kg and localized pressure load of 30 kg. Providing superior data access and productivity for any professional on the go, these laptops incorporate legendary toughness along with optional Gobi2000 and WiMAX facilities.

These rugged models of Panasonic can be purchased from any official retailers. The price details of these models are listed below:

Price for Business Rugged models

  • Panasonic CF-S9 – Rs 149,000
  • Panasonic CF-C1 – Rs 152,000
  • Panasonic CF-F9 – Rs 157,000

Price for Full Rugged models

  • Panasonic CF-U1 – Rs 158,000
  • Panasonic CF-19 – Rs 212,000
  • Panasonic CF-31 – Rs 254,000

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